North Ellington Pkwy 1.74 Acres

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      North Ellington Pkwy, Lewisburg, TN

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      • Area 1.74 acres
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      Property Description

      064G B 11.00 Fire Cracker 064G B 12.00 Fire Cracker 064G B 13.00 Fire Cracker 064G B 14.00 Fire Cracker

      Wallace Acres Subdivision
      Marshall Co.
      Map 064G-B
      Parcel 10.00-14.00

      This property is located on one of the busiest sections of road in the City of Lewisburg, TN. This site is zoned Commercial and is being combined into one parcel. Total acreage is 1.74 Acres. The land has been made ready for the pad of your building. We would divide the lot, if the footprint of your building does not require the full acreage.

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